Sergio is extremely knowledgable and PASSIONATE about what he does.  He has a genuine desire to see his clients improve not only physically, but mentally as well.  There are a lot of "good" trainers, but his genuine concern for your whole body self-improvement, and his passion for what he does, sets him apart."
- Suzi H.

As a former athlete himself, he knows the demands that are put on the human body whether the individual be a competitive athlete, weekend warrior, or someone trying to stay fit."
- Adolfo Liu, Owner of Avanzare Chiropractic Sport Therapy

Sergio is extremely knowledgeable, professional and inspirational. I highly recommend Sergio to anyone who is looking to lose weight, get in shape, take their training to the next level, or who just wants to feel better.”​
- Christina K.

He is extremely knowledgeable and is a great motivator.  I highly recommend you contact him whether you are looking for a massive change or a few tweaks to your physique. ”​
- S.H. 

Before training with him, I had hit a plateau in my workouts eventhough I got to the gym 4-5 days a week. Now, when I am at the gym, I follow the work outs that he developed for me and each one changes so it does not become repetitive. I feel like I actually spend less time at the gym. I highly recommend training with Sergio, he is really good at what he does and you will definitely see results.”​
- Max T.

Sergio is, hands down, THE best trainer ever!!!  I have been a runner for as long as I can remember but after suffering from a stress fracture/reaction of the shins for over a year, Sergio was recommended to me by Dr. Aldolfo Liu (also great) to help with strength training.  Sergio isn't like the other trainers, he has an inviting energy, cares for his clients, and if you have an injury, he's very cognizant of modifying the workout so that your injury isn't aggravated.  Sergio is very encouraging but definitely pushes you.  ”​

- Uyen P.



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